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Free computer generated music! The Fake Music Generator provides free computer generated albums that you can use in any way you want. We give you an entire album: cover art, artist, album title, track titles, and even computer generated music.

Holy Car
by Howl Jenkins
Trk Song Time Download
1I Can Smell Your Devastation2:14MP3   MIDI
2Bright Highway2:13MP3   MIDI
3The Fabric Of Synchronisation2:43MP3   MIDI
41 More Progress2:43MP3   MIDI
5Wild Shadow3:17MP3   MIDI
6Work Standing Up2:21MP3   MIDI
7In the Room2:11MP3   MIDI
8Broken Psycho1:32MP3   MIDI
9I Got Your Advantages2:29MP3   MIDI
10Who We Are3:10MP3   MIDI
11Wishes Via Email1:52MP3   MIDI

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